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Welcome to Hair On First

Tania, Hannah, Casey, Emma and Courtney make up the fabulous team at Hair On First. We ensure that all clients are treated with first class service and the best quality natural & organic products, to guarantee that you leave our Maroochydore hairdressing salon loving the look that we have created. Our expertise is in using ammonia-free colour for those that are after this specialist service.

And knowing that you can also manage your style at home is equally important to us, by sharing our passion and experience and ‘training’ you in home hair management.

We believe the best form of advertising is you, our client, and knowing that you are 100% loving your hair is the best compliment we can receive!

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Meet Tania

I am the very proud owner of Hair On First, having first opened its doors in 2003.

I had travelled for years, and experienced many different work environments,which gave me the inspiration on what I wanted to offer in my own business.

My team and I aim to create fabulous hairstyles and also offer our clients the healthiest options for their hair. Therefore it is very important to me that we have the choice to use products that are ammonia free, natural and organic.

I definitely believe that happiness is a team effort, and I have the perfect team!

Favourite Quote

“Let no-one ever come to you without leaving happier” (Mother Teresa)

Meet Casey

I am a senior hairdresser, and have spent the last 7 years of my hairdressing career here at  Hair on First.

I absolutely love the fun and relaxed atmosphere of the salon, as it allows for my clients to not only leave the salon looking fantastic, but feeling fantastic too!

I really enjoy getting to know each of my clients as individuals and helping them to achieve the colour and style that best suits their personality and lifestyle.

Favourite Quote

“If you don’t look good, we don’t look good!” (Vidal Sassoon)

Meet Emma

I have been hairdressing for over 8 years and have never enjoyed hairdressing as much as I do at Hair on First.

I have had the privilege of working for some very well known salons and have learned a lot over my time and love adapting my skills and techniques to each client differently.

I love that my job allows me to meet so many new and different types of people and get to know them throughout their hair journey.

Favourite Quote

“Hair doesnt make the woman but good hair definately helps” (anonymous)

Meet Courtney

I have been hairdressing for more than 5 years and completed my apprenticeship at a well known salon. This is where I learned state-of-the-art techniques that I now apply with each client at Hair on First.

Throughout my hairdressing career, I have realised my passion is balayage, also known as baby lights and free hand techniques. I love that when using any one of these balayage techniques you can create a personalised look for every single client and start their dream hair journey!

Favourite Quote

“Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will” (Suzy Kassem)

Meet Chenelle

I have just recently started my first year apprenticeship through Hair on First.

I’ve always wanted to be a hairdresser ever since I was a little girl and I’m more than excited to experience my first years with an amazing team and beautiful clients.

Favourite Quote

“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different” (Coco Chanel)

What do you love most about Hair on First?

Excellent hairdressing-Joy Hocking